WW1 & 2. Tank building

In this session the children work in groups of 3 to design and build Lego tanks. We look at strong structures, fixing on motors and batteries. We learn how caterpillar tracks work and fix them to our tanks. I set tank challenges and we end the day with a tank battle.


In this session we cover the following.


Measurements:  Measuring speed over 10m and calculating the time it would take to cover 100m and 1km.

Geomentry: Looking at angles of 90 and 45 degrees (22.5 & 67.5 degrees if appropriate) discovering the effects of different angles.

Fractions: Using collected data.

Algebra: Using A divided by B to calculate the gradient of a hill.

Statistics: Record data in a table and calculate data.

Design and Technology:

Design: Generate, develop, model and communicate ideas through discussion.

Make: Select from a range of components.

Evaluate: Evaluate ideas and model against design criteria and consider the views of others.

Technical Knowledge: Apply understanding of how to strengthen and reinforce more complex structures. Understand and use mechanical systems.

Science: Predicting outcomes. Fair tests.

History: World War 1 & 2


Session runs for a whole day. From £150 depending on location

Tank Designing and Building Worksheet
We use this worksheet to chart our progress through the day and to record all the data we collect.
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I've run workshops in..

Trinity Prep, Teignmouth.

Stover School.

Kingsbridge Primary.

Chudleigh C of E Primary School.


Redhills Community Primary, Exeter

Bradley Barton, Newton Abbot.

Rydon Community School, Kingsteignton.

Hazeldown Community School, Teignmouth.

St Lukes, Exeter.

St Catherines C of E Primary, Heathfield.

Hatherleigh Primary School.

Park School, Bournemouth.

Ravenscourt park  School, London.

East Allington Primary School.

Decoy Primary.

Blackpool, Liverton.

Preston Primary.

St Augustines, Weymouth.

St Vigor & St Johns, Radstock.

Sidmouth Primary.

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