Team Building Sessions by Brick Solutions

Focused Team Building


A Team that is working well is a Team that communicates well. A successfull Team understands that clear and ongoing communication is one of the major keys for achieving results

Process Planning

Thinking about and improving processes. Our processing planning tool using Lego is a fun and creative way of looking at and improving processes.


Rethinking how we do things can be a real challange. With Creative team activities the seemingly impossible has a solution.


Reflecting on what we have done.

What happened - what was your experience?

Why were your team successful?


So What?

After what, so what; How did the group handle different ideas and opinions? What did you learn or discover about yourself? What one thing can you take away from this session.



What now?

How can we take what we have discovered and use it in the work place? How can this impact our relationships with other? What will we do differently? 



Brickideas team building activities help to develop effective teams through fun building challenges and games.


  • In Brickideas team building activity we help everyone participate positively.

  • All members of the team understand the goals and we encourage indivudual members to think through creative solutions to the problem.

  • Positive feed back from the team.

  • The team is encouraged to take risks and support other team members.


These team build activities encourage plenty of communication between members. Everyone is focused on the ultimate goal.


Ten Qualities of a Team Player.

  • Listens Well.

  • Communicates constructively.

  • Shows Flexibility.

  • Committed to the Team.

  • Reliable.

  • Active Team member.

  • Share openly.

  • Cooperates and Helps.

  • Good problem solver.

  • Respects and supports.


Contour 886

contour886 are a leading provider of custom seating and assessment for wheelchair users in the UK. They manufacture bespoke seating systems and are independent distributors of wheelchairs, seating products and accessories. Their highly professional assessment and seating service is available to both NHS and private customers. contour886 wanted to run a team building day. We developed 3 team building activities to help the busness with communication skills, Process planning and rethinking. 

These team building sessions are Bespoke. I run high quality hands on team building sessions.  These sessions are not just building a Lego tower that is taller or stays up longer. If you are looking for hands-on, fun team building sessions that challange your team to rethink and communicate Brick Solutions from Brickideas is the answer. 




A design brief is given, teams design and build their Lego remote control Tank. Once built they are tested. Each team battle their tank against the other teams. Each team member is involved in the design and build, each drive the tank into battle!


  Motor Sport


This session is great for any team wanting to work together on a project that is something they have never done before. The teams are given an assortment of motors, gears and other componants. The aim is to build the fastest car to complete a circuit and a standing 10 mtrs.


Other session availabe. (infomation to be added shortly) Phone for details.

Julian  07803 608719


These sessions are for 8-24 delegates and run for 2-3 Hours. Starting from £50 per delegate.


Are you Head of a F1 team? Head of a school? Head of a PLC? ... Set your team the challenge!


Bridge and Vehicle challange

This session is designed for two teams to work indpendantly but requiring communication between the two teams. Both groups will work to fulfill the objective with each team doing their part.

Team building session at St Catherine's Primary school, Heathfield, Newton Abbot

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