Below is a list of Lego workshops available, I am always adding ne workshops and am also happy to plan a workshop on any topic not covered below.

Technic Lego in schools Workshops available

WW1 & 2:

Tank building: Teamwork,Maths and Data handling, Celts invaders: Catapult Designing  and building. Teamwork,Maths and Data handling



Brunel: Bridge design, Railways,


Motorised Vehicles:

Teamwork,Maths and Data handling.


Fairground Rides:

Designing and building. Teamwork,Maths and Data handling.


Ancient Greeks:

Water Wheels. Design and build. Teamwork,Maths and Data handling.



Designing and building vehicles to move logs, Responsible forest management. Teamwork, Maths and Data handling.



(KS1 & 2) What are robots, build Remote controlled robots. Teamwork,Maths and Data handling.


Dragons, mythical creatures: P

lanning and build, Teamwork,Maths and Data handling. Art.


Wind power:

Designing and building wind mills (turbines) Teamwork,Maths and Data handling.


Cranes: Design:

Build a structure to lift heavy weights. Gears, Maths. Team work, data handling.



Planning and build, Teamwork,Maths and Data handling. Art.



Gear ratio. Teamwork, data handling.



Building 3 different types of levers.


Religious Architecture:

Building a Mosque, Hindu temple, Buddist Temple, Catherdral.



Building Mondrian Pictures, Art, Maths.


Solar system:

Building a solar system to scale.


Winter wonderland:

Narnia. Building a wardrode into a winter wonderland.


Operation Tiger:

WW2 Slapton sands. Teamwork, Design Technology, Maths


Technic Lego in Schools - available workshops
PDF containing available Lego Workshops.
Technic Lego in schools available worksh[...]
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Technic Lego in schools

Schools I've working with.

Chudleigh C of E Primary School.

Redhills Community Primary, Exeter

Bradley Barton, Newton Abbot.

Rydon Community School, Kingsteignton.

Hazeldown Community School, Teignmouth.

St Lukes, Exeter.

St Catherines C of E Primary, Heathfield.

Hatherleigh Primary School.

Park School, Bournemouth.

Stover School.

Ravenscourt park  School, London.

East Allington Primary School.


STEM Groups

This group runs for 1 hour over 5 weeks for groups of 4 children.


session1. Strong structures.

session2. Motorised vehicles,                       understanding gears

session3. Fast vehicles: gears/                     ratios.

session4. Slow vehicles: gears/                     ratios.

session5. Other uses for low                         gearing, cranes,                           lift a brick..


Small group sessions.

Pupil Premium Groups.

Whole class sessions.

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