Children's Lego Activities. for Children aged 6+  


Robotwars:  This session is arranged as a drop in type activity.  The children build remote controlled Lego robots and then battle them on the arena. Children can join in and dip out as they wish. This is also an fantastic activity for older children upto the age of 99 !


This is a great activity which is available as guests arrive, during the speeches and as an evening event.


A room will need to be supplied for this activity.

The Children will need to be supervised and remain the responsibility of parents.

This activity is only suitable for children age 6+

cost of Lego activity from £250

Follow this link for a video on my partybricks page.

Technic Lego in schools

Schools I've working with.

Chudleigh C of E Primary School.

Redhills Community Primary, Exeter

Bradley Barton, Newton Abbot.

Rydon Community School, Kingsteignton.

Hazeldown Community School, Teignmouth.

St Lukes, Exeter.

St Catherines C of E Primary, Heathfield.

Hatherleigh Primary School.

Park School, Bournemouth.

Stover School.

Ravenscourt park  School, London.

East Allington Primary School.


STEM Groups

This group runs for 1 hour over 5 weeks for groups of 4 children.


session1. Strong structures.

session2. Motorised vehicles,                       understanding gears

session3. Fast vehicles: gears/                     ratios.

session4. Slow vehicles: gears/                     ratios.

session5. Other uses for low                         gearing, cranes,                           lift a brick..


Small group sessions.

Pupil Premium Groups.

Whole class sessions.

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